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Abbey Physiotherapy Clinic
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Following government instruction on Tuesday 23 March 2020, we have taken the decision to place on hold all patient appointments pending further guidance from the government and our professional body.

We will continue to receive emails and telephone calls during this time so please do contact us if you have any queries regarding your care. We will review your case individually and communicate out to you again when we have an update on the situation.

We apologise for the inconvenience we know this brings to you but ask you to support us as we comply with the necessary regulations in order to minimise the effects of Covid 19 and hope that we can resume your Physiotherapy care very soon.  
Alison, Catherine and Team Abbey Physio

About Abbey Physio

‘We are an established Physiotherapy clinic in the heart of Nuneaton helping people of Coventry and North Warwickshire. We pride ourselves on giving the best treatments available, and the clinic thrives on personal recommendations from previous clients’

When are we open?

Our clinic hours are designed to fit in around your busy lifestyle, with daytime and evening appointments available most days, and weekend appointments also available.

Who we work with

We work with a number of different health professionals including GP’s, Consultants, Radiologists, Podiatrists and exercise consultants. With your consent we can discuss your condition with them. We can also refer for private investigations if needed such as MRI scans, Ultrasound and Xrays.

Are you fit to work?

We are able to liaise with your occupational health and employers regarding workplace advice and plans for returning to work.


Abbey Physiotherapy provides Private Physiotherapy services to the people of North Warwickshire and beyond.

alison dearden director of abbey physiotherapy

Alison is one of the 2 Directors of Abbey Physiotherapy with a special interest in Sports injuries.

Catherine Picton Abbey Physiotherapy

Catherine is one of the directors of Abbey Physiotherapy, who has a special interest in Spinal Complaints and Scoliosis in adolescents

sandra jepson abbey physiotherapy physio acupuncture nuneaton bedworth hinckley coventry

Sandra has a specialism in Low Back Pain and can treat all areas including MSK and Acupuncture.


Bronte joined our team in May 2017, and works in the NHS as well as at Abbey Physiotherapy

dan wright

Dan has a keen interest in sports injuries, and pre/post operative rehabilitation of the shoulder, hip, knee and foot/ankle

Our Treatments

We deliver a wide variety of Treatments which we can use as part of your treatment program . Learn More

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a firm deep tissue massage therapy which is the most effective therapy for treating muscular pain, tension and for putting your body in balance

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Mobilisations & manipulation

Joint mobilisation techniques focus on attaining a normal range of pain-free joint motion.

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Acupuncture Clinic

Our Acupuncture Clinic treatment aids tissue healing and based on scientific evidence that shows the treatment can stimulate nerves under the skin and in muscle tissue to allow the body to produce pain-relieving substances

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Ultrasound and TENS

TENS is an abbreviation of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation. A Tens machine may assist in modest short-term pain relief. Ultrasound aids tissue healing for soft tissue injuries

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Sports taping and supports

the use of taping and strapping techniques to aid both the treatment and prevention of injury

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Exercise rehabilitation

Rehabilitation is the process to regain full function following injury. This involves restoring strength, flexibility, endurance and power and is achieved through various exercises and drills

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Core strength & stability training

An exercise programme that aims to improve stabilisation and support to the spine. This is achieved by re-training specific trunk muscles, which may be under used

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Orthotics are arch supports worn in the shoe designed to improve comfort, reduce fatigue, prevent injury and assist in rehabilitation. We can provide Orthotic insoles offering biomechanical correction and support

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